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DSOM 2005 16th IFIP/IEEE Distributed Systems: Operations and Management
MMNS 2005 8th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks & Services

This is the first time that quite a few eminent and reputed workshops in the area of organization of networks and services have been collocated in one place and for five days to allow the strengthening of links and produce synergies between our communities and research topics. This is the inspiration of the 1st International Week on Management of Networks and Services (MANWEEK2005) that brings jointly IPOM, MMNS, DSOM, SSS and AGNM in 2005. While collocated, each of these workshops is prearranged by their own technical program committees and will conduct autonomous review and selection processes. In the next paragraphs we highlight the current direction of each one.
The administration of ambient networks and services is challenging because it must become an invisible and integrated part of a highly automated and adaptive control airplane. Autonomic and self-management approaches consequently are of key importance. This is the focal point of the 16th international workshop on Distributed Systems Operation and Management (DSOM) that will occur from the 24th  October to the afternoon of the 26th.
Models, architectures and designs in services and technology to enable multimedia creation are the objectives of the international conference on Management Multimedia Networks and Services (MMNS). This year, its eighth version will be held from the 24th October to the afternoon of the 26th and will be particularly addressed to the problems of managing integrated multimedia services.
Involvedness of interoperability linking networks and service providers, the performance versus costs in operating the IP-based networks, and the OM challenges in next generation networks (NGN) and related seamless service provision is the central part in topic addressed in the fifth version of the IP Operations & Management international workshop (IPOM) that will be held from Wednesday 24th October afternoon until Friday 28th.
Self-Stabilization is the property of a system, component, process or object to right itself regardless of how severely its state variables are corrupted. Self-stabilization is mainly interesting for distributed and concurrent systems since faults are hard to detect. Problems and solutions in this area are the scope of 7th international symposium on Self Stabilizing Systems (SSS)  that will held the 25th October afternoon to the 28th
Autonomic grid computing deals with self-managing & self-adapting corresponding and distributed computing and associated data management on the Grid. Hence, there is require for support of autonomic grid networking and associated resource management. This one-day workshop on Autonomic Grid Networking and Management (AGNM) will occur on Friday 29th October to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences on this new field.
IPOM, MMNS, DSOM, SSS and AGNM. These are the acronyms and this is the calendar showing when they take place in the week from the 23th to the 29th of October 2005. We expect that our registration options will fit your needs and interest to take full benefit of this unique prospects.

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DSOM 2005

MMNS 2005

As a final point, all these events will be in an atmosphere worthy to see by itself, the city of Barcelona, and in a place with facilities and services for studying and doing research, the Campus of Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Situated in the north of the city, the UPC campus is close to lodging facilities and well connected to downtown and to the airport.


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